Membership in the FMAA

Membership in the FMAA

When asked how God has blessed them during their years in Fairfield, many Fairsians share with us that they are thankful for friends, teachers and the opportunity to learn more about and be loved by God. These legacies continue beyond our time spent at our beloved Alma Mater. 

To facilitate the strengthening of friendships forged, events such as the annual Founder’s Day Dinner, or newsletter In Tandem (published twice annually and posted to all members) are but some of the many connect points the Alumni Association seeks to provide Fairsians with. 

In addition, to allow Fairsians to keep in touch with teachers who have impacted their lives, the Alumni Association organizes the annual Alumni Teachers’ Lunch to honour staff members who have served more than 10 years in Fairfield and former Fairsians are invited to join their teachers for this special event to reconnect and reminisce. 

Also, to carry on the rich Christian heritage in Fairfield, the Alumni Association sponsors the organizing of the annual Chapelthon where Fairsians, past and present, can come together to worship and praise God on the school grounds once more. 

Through the one-time payment of life-long membership fees from each member, the Alumni Association channels the funds to ensure the continuation of these Fairfield legacies for members. 

As a self-funded and non-profit organization, the only source of financial resources for the Association is through the membership fees. Your membership in the Alumni Association gives us the basic financial support required to sustain initiatives that will bless the Fairfield community.

Life-time membership is available:

1. Former students above 16 years old and below 26 years old: $200 one-time membership fee 

2. Former students 26 years old and above: $500 one-time membership fee

Membership Application

All applicants are required to complete the Application Form in full.

For cheque payments, make cheques payable to: The Fairfield Methodist Schools Alumni Association

You can post your application form and cheque payment to: 

The Fairfield Methodist Schools Alumni Association

c/o Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) 102, Dover Road, Singapore 139649

Former Fairsians below the age of 16 can register their email addresses with the Alumni Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We invite you to continue your support for Fairfield by signing up as a member of the Alumni Association. With your support and your participation, we can continue the unique Fairfield Legacy and Experience and pass it to the generations of Fairsians to come. 

Once a Fairsian, Always a Fairsian!


Membership in the Fairfield Methodist Schools Alumni Association

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